Our mission is to show the world that Peru can make designer clothes of first-class quality while employing ancient artisan techniques from our heritage thus making truly unique clothing.

Communities we work with

What we make

As our products are nearly all hand made and do not involve any heavy machinery we can offer a wide range of products and also be pretty flexible in our MOQ’S. Our main products are knits, handwoven garments, and leather products. We specialize in using natural materials and/or recycled yarn.


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Who we are

We are a group of professionals with many years in the textile business and a passion for hand made clothing. It is a growing family of people who want to make a different type of product that is totally sustainable and does no harm to the environment.


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How we work

We receive yarn information and presentations from all the mayor Peruvian yarn companies and also have artisanal dyers who can dye up small custom sample lots for our clients on a fast schedule. We work directly with the artisan groups on make up and our team of inspectors makes sure products are delivered as ordered and in optimum condition.


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We are invested in sustainability


We believe in sustainability and fair pay for the communities we work with.


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