About us

Trading Ventures was formed as an offshoot of Grupo ITV Peru  specifically  to export products from the artisanal groups that cannot do this themselves either because of their location or because they do not have trained personnel who can manage the more complicated export documents. As we have considerable expertise in managing exports we have been able to access tax benefits and incorporate them into our pricing, thus being able to give a competitive price for special handmade articles whilst  also  paying top price to the  artisans themselves.

Through Trading Ventures we are able to give back to the Peruvian communities by promoting and supporting talented individuals and groups of artisans throughout Peru. We achieve this by providing them with the tools and opportunities to produce quality items designed by our clients, letting them use their skills to improve their lifestyle. All of the communities that we collaborate with have specific, individual, indigenous techniques, which have been passed down through the generations.  We tap into these core skills and combine them with the modern designs of our clients in order to deliver the unique high-quality end products that our clients are looking for.

We have always been governed by fair trade ideals and principles and are are officially  Fair Trade Certified as from 2020 and continuing with monthly capacitions and talks with our team ,our suppliers and the community surrounding us  .

We need  our suppliers clients to be part of this process also and we sending out newsletters 2 or 3 times a year detailing our progress and documenting all the activities and training programs we are initiating .

Woman with yarn


Our mission is to rescue and teach ancestral techniques in danger of disappearing and promote hand knitting crochet and weaving made in different regions of Peru ,generating employment and wellbeing for all genders on all social and cultural levels in different regions and climate zones of Peru ,and to show the world that Peru can produce top quality garments that can compete on a world wide basis.

We believe in Fair Trade and give priority to natural organic ecological materials produced in Peru under strict quality control guidelines ,respecting the environment . We believe in creating long tern relationships with all our trading partners, employees, artisans, suppliers and clients ,offering quality products made with loving care and giving and receiving benefits that go beyond traditional working relationships.


Our vision is to develop new markets, grow in our relationships with current customers. Offer innovative products and venture into new segments (men) while retaining manual techniques with greater added value. Generate new jobs and contribute to the development and quality of life of the artisans ; respecting and disseminating good Fair Trade practices.




We work with integrity and honesty, consistent with the rules and good fair trade.We actively campaign against child labour 


To employees, artisans, customers and society in general, with a fair and equitable treatment that values ​​forms and standards in order to create an environment of mutual trust.


We are responsable in our relations with  our artisan partners, customers and collaborators. We constantly update all on the status of production and samples and advise immediately of any problems with same 

Team Work

We train and develop teams to share tasks in order to achieve a common goal, putting the group goal before the individual.


Being able to adapt to the circumstances and new market trends, while maintaining our mission on ancestral techniques and preservation of the environment.